Golden Salmon Cakes

Updated: Nov 1

Got leftover salmon or just want a simple but tasty dish for lunch or dinner? These salmon cakes are good as a side or a midday munch, but they're the star of the show for this meal!

Salmon is one of the most versatile fish there is, and this is just one of many delicious ways I've used it in my cooking. Today, it's all about cakes - Salmon Cakes of course! Crispy golden-brown outside, moist savory inside, it's sure to be a hit with the family any time of day.

There are so many ways to mix it up - eat them plain, make them into sandwiches, put it on a salad, make a sauce and dip 'em, you name it!

Although this recipe is already super easy to make, you can make it even easier by making the mixture a day ahead of time. So, when you're ready to start cooking, all you have to do is form the patties (or do that ahead too!), fry or bake them, and you're done in no time. There's no such thing as too easy here.