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Kanaya in the Garden

My Story

My name is Kanaya.  I am originally from Philadelphia, Pa but now I reside in the outskirts of Atlanta, Ga.  I am a woman who Home Schools my 2 kids, is a Wife, a Suburban Homesteader and most importantly a Happy Soul.  I have overcome so many challenges during my life such as health issues, trauma, depression, purposelessness, and life's curve balls to get to where I am today.  My whole life has revolved around bettering myself, inside and out, and motivating others to do the same.  I have used: my diet, lifestyle choices and meditation to overcome every obstacle put in my way.  I hope I can help you do the same...

I hope to inspire women to become more conscious of how their diet and mental health are directly connected to their ability to be happy, and in turn create a happy home environment; whatever that looks like to you.  Deep down, we all want to help others in some way, but we can't possibly do that until we first help ourselves.  We need to take responsibility for our current life because only then can we change it for the better...

Let's work on our Mind, Body, and Self; so, we can create a balance that makes true happiness and good health possible and sustainable.  All while finding out our purpose in this life...

I want to create a ripple of positive change that will flow out into the world, one person at a time....    

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