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Kanaya in the Garden

My Story

My name is Kanaya and I'll keep this short...


   I am originally from Philadelphia, Pa but now I reside in the outskirts of Atlanta, Ga. I am a woman who Home Schools my 2 kids, is a Wife, a Suburban Homesteader and most importantly, a Happy Soul.


   I have overcome so many challenges during my life such as health issues, trauma, depression, purposelessness, and life's curve balls to get to where I am today. My whole life has revolved around bettering myself, inside and out, and motivating others to do the same. I have used: my diet, lifestyle choices and meditation to overcome every obstacle put in my way. And now, I have a desire inside to create something beautiful; be it in the kitchen, the Garden or in my Writing...

   I hope to inspire women, through my life and/or my stories... I want to create a ripple of positive change that will flow out into the world, one person at a time....    

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Fresh Organic Juice
Wheelbarrel of Garden Squash
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